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Tired of diving centers which are do not really caring about the snorkelers? Or water sport centers without good service or quality?

Then we are your Choice. Aquatic Divers is focused on the divers as well as on you, snorkelers. We are not doing any difference!


With excellent service and quality we would like to offer you a perfect opportunity to join our snorkeling programs. Our well-qualified snorkel guides & instructors are ready to snorkel with you in a beautiful adventure in the red sea.  


Furthermore you can take part in one of our snorkel courses. To improve and optimize your snorkeling skills. Specially for snorkeling beginners we recommend to join one of these courses to practice some skills before snorkeling independent.

Trips and Prices

Marsa Shona & Marsa Mubarak




Zerib Kebir



Abu Dabab











Shoab  Marsa alam










Sataya - over night








Trip by Boat, Start from port Ghalib.

Great places to meet the dogung, giant turtles as well all kind of fishes with amazing colorful coral in the background.


Nice bay, full of life colorful coral, Trip done by bus only.


 Perfect divesite for beginners and turtle-lovers but also an exciting place for snorklers. Easy entrance by a sandy beach. Abu Dabbab itself can be divided into three areas, north and south reef and in the middle an huge seagras field. The area of the seagras is the dining table of great seagras turtles and also sometimes you can see the sea cow there. It is a nice place for finding also guitar rays. Trip done by bus only.



Top Spot for snorkelers in the area of Marsa alam port, far away only 20 minutes by boat, east of the Marsa alam port. a lot of colorful coral, with a possibility to see the spinner dolphins over there.



Hamata island, is a great spot to visit by boat far away from Hamata port by 20 minutes. max.



Best place to find and see dolphins without any restrictions. 2 days of awesome time free swimming with dolphins, and amazing coral in Abu Galawa.

45 Euro





25 Euro



50 Euro











45 Euro






45 Euro





135 Euro